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Register Description in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/1999), section 10


Suomen Tukkusähkö Oy (Business ID 2393969- 4), Teknologiantie 11, 90590 Oulu

Contact person of the Register:

Iida Tahkola,

Name of Registry:

Customer and marketing register of Suomen Tukkusähkö Oy.

Purpose of Registry:

The purpose of the Registry is to manage and maintain the relationship between Suomen Tukkusähkö Oy (hereinafter ST) and the customer, potential customer or other stakeholders of ST, as well as to produce, provide, research and develop a service. The information contained in the register can be used for communication, advertising, marketing and direct marketing between ST and the data subject within the limits permitted by law. The data subject has the right to deny consent to receive direct marketing at any time.

Information contained in the register:

Basic information of the data subject, such as: name, name of business, business ID, address, telephone, fax, www, email, industry, number of employees, turnover, electricity usage data and number of places of use. Customer history of the data subject, such as: acquired services, customer contacts, more detailed electricity usage information, electricity connection information, contract details, place of use information, billing history, additional information provided by the customer

Regular sources of information:

The register is made up of information from the customer information system of ST, any other personal registers of ST, partners of ST, contacts by ST or a company operating on behalf of ST via telephone, email, letters, marketing events, registrations to the mailing list and commonly available internet sources, as well as service providers of the industry, such as the Fonecta Profinder B2B databases.

Regular disclosure of information:

Data may be disclosed at any given time within the limits permitted by law. ST does not, as a rule, disclose information to its principals or other third parties in Finland, within or outside the EU unless it is necessary for the purposes of the register or for the technical execution of the data processing. Data transmission is subject to the requirements of the Personal Data Act. The purchase and use of some products or services of ST may require the disclosure of information to a third party, whereby information may be disclosed to the extent required for the execution of the service. Upon expiry of the relevant communication, the data may be transferred to the direct marketing register of ST as permitted by the law unless the data subject has denied consent to the use of its information for direct marketing. The information may be disclosed to the Finnish authorities, at their request, within the limits permitted and mandated by law.

Registry protection:

The information contained in the electronically processed registry is protected by firewalls, passwords and other generally accepted means of the information security industry. Databases and their backups are located in locked and controlled areas with limited access. Other data is located in areas where unauthorized access is denied. ST ensures that only those employees and persons working on behalf of ST have access to the information who need the data for performing their duties. The use of the register requires a personal password issued by the administrator. Its usage is monitored.

The right of inspection, prohibition and correction:

In accordance with section 26 of the Personal Data Act, the data subject has the right to inspect what information about him has been stored in the personal register. The request for inspection must be sent to the contact person responsible for the registry and must be in writing and signed or delivered in person to the registrar. The data subject has the right to deny the disclosure and processing of his / her data for direct marketing and other marketing purposes. The data subject has the right to request correction of his or her data if the personal data is inaccurate, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated for the purpose of the processing.

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